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L Henry, the artist who painted the picture of the Good Shepherd holding two lambs, loved the Lord and wanted to paint for His Glory. He gave his original painting to "Blackie" Gonzales (Blackie was used by friends) who was in process of opening a Christian television station, Channel eleven in Santa Fe NM The gift was to be used for the purpose of raising dollars to undertake the project.

One day Blackie said to me, ”Sister, I know you don’t have $100 to give to the station, so I want to give you this picture.” I thanked him and accepted the reproduction graciously, but did not have too much love in my heart for it because I did not understand what the picture was saying, until…

After arriving home I stood the picture on top of a bookcase and leaned it against the wall. Standing back a bit to get a good look at it I spoke aloud, “Lord, how come there are two lambs”? (Two lambs did not seem personal to me).

He answered me. I don’t know exactly how He answered, but it was so plain: “Get a pencil and paper and write a poem.” Without hesitation I sat with a pencil and paper and began to write what came to mind. In about three minutes the above twenty-line poem had streamed from my pencil to the paper. Never one slightest change has ever been made. It is exactly as was inspired by the Holy Spirit. I received my answer, and now it means so much to me.

About the music: Someone gave me money for my ministry so I sent the poem to a Liberace Music Company. The music was composed and recorded there. Let it bless you.

Also, ponder the answer found in the last verse and allow the Lord to speak to your heart.
Sister Margaret Sutton RSM


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