Thoughts About the Mysteries to Treasure:

There are ten thoughts, one for each Hail Mary.
If all five decades seem to be too long, just start with one.
Later you can add another, then another. It’s better to pray
well than to hurry through without really praying. Ask the
Holy Spirit to help you. You will grow to love Jesus and
Mary more. (If later you wish to change the lines before
each Hail Mary to be your own thoughts, you will be
really praying from your heart.) Jesus loves to receive and
answer your prayers.

The Joyful Mysteries
The Sorrowful Mysteries
The Luminous Mysteries
The Glorious Mysteries

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 The Luminous Mysteries

…The Baptism of Jesus

The Father, and the Holy Spirit were at Jesus’ Baptism.
I believe in the Holy Trinity.
Jesus was introduced as the Lamb of God.
Jesus was the Lamb to be sacrificed.
Jesus, thank you teaching us so much
Jesus, I love You with all my heart.
After baptism the heavens opened.
The Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus.
The Father said, “This is My beloved Son.”
Jesus, make me holy.

…Jesus Worked his First Miracle.

Jesus went to a wedding feast.
His mother and disciples were there.
“They have no wine,” Mary said to Jesus.
Jesus’ time for miracles had not yet come.
Yet Mary trusted Jesus.
Jesus, teach me to trust You.
“Do whatever He tells you,” Mary told the waiters.
“Fill the jars with water,” Jesus told them.
Jesus changed that water into wine.
Jesus change me and make me holy.

…Jesus Proclaimed the Kingdom of God

Jesus let his light shine through miracles.
The blind, deaf, and lame were healed.
Crowds were amazed at his power.
Jesus, I believe you worked many miracles.
The Holy Spirit was upon you.
Jesus, send the Holy Spirit upon me.
Holy Spirit, teach me how to pray.
I pray that others may see Jesus in me.
May everything that lives praise you.
Jesus, make me holy.

…Jesus is Transfigured on the Mountain

Jesus appeared, changed in brilliant light
Peter, James, and John were so surprised.
Soon they saw Moses and Elijah with Jesus.
What a vision! The disciples could stay forever.
Then the Father again praised his Son.
“Listen to Him”, the Father told them.
At his voice the disciples fell to the ground in fear.
Jesus touched them and they arose.
Jesus, touch me and change me.
Jesus, make me holy.

…Jesus Instituted the Holy Eucharist

The disciples were at the last supper with Jesus
Judas, one of them, was going to betray Jesus.
After supper Jesus changed bread into His Body
“Take and eat it,” he said.
Over the wine He said, ”Take and drink. This is My Blood.”
To the apostles He said, “Do this in remembrance of Me.”
So Jesus, through the priests, now remains with us.
The Holy Eucharist is the greatest Gift of all gifts.
Jesus, I want to receive You and tell You I love You.
Jesus, be my Guest and make me holy.


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