Music for Light GlowsSister Margaret Sutton, RSM

        Cherie shyly followed her cousin Tara into the dimly lighted church.  Stained glass windows gave a soft glow on the cross near by.  “I’m not sure I want to stay here,” she whispered.  “It seems scary.” 

        “We won’t stay long,” answered Tara, “but I want to visit Jesus for a minute.  He’s my best friend.”

        Cherie sat in a front pew where the glow from colored vigil lights flickered. Fleeting shadows added to the fright now growing in her heart.

        Tara knelt to pray.  Though only a couple minutes passed, it seemed too long to Cherie who was not used to being in a church.

        “OK, Cherie.  I’m ready to go now,” said Tara.

        “Where’s your friend?  I didn’t see anyone.”

        “Oh.  See that red light hanging near the tabernacle?  Well, that shows that Jesus is here.  He is my friend.  He is God.”

        “Oh, so the light is Jesus!”

        “No,” Tara quickly corrected. “The light isn’t Jesus.  It only shows that Jesus is in the tabernacle.”

“Tabernacle.  What’s a tabernacle?” 

        Tara walked toward it and pointed.  “This is the Tabernacle.  Jesus is in here and we come to visit Him.”

        “You know I just got a thought that seems special to me,” continued Tara.  “I told you, ‘The light isn’t Jesus’.  That’s true, but the Bible says that  ‘Jesus is the Light of the world.’   So the red light burns to tell us that Jesus who is the Light of the world, is here.”

        “That’s like a puzzle to me,” responded Cherie.  “Isn’t the sun the light of the world?”

        “You’re right,” Tara answered as they made their way to an open doorway where daylight shone brightly.  “I’m not too good at explaining everything.  My sister Rose teaches CCD every Saturday.  You can come with me anytime.  For now, let’s go ask her.  She’s studying for Confirmation, so she should know.  We learn a lot at CCD.”

        “ See See Dee.  Sounds like a song,” Cherie said, as she began to skip, singing it aloud to any melody that came to her head.

        Rose was happy to explain, glad to have been asked.

        “You’re right when you say  ‘Jesus is the Light of the world,’ Tara, but you’re right, also, Cherie.  The sun does light up the world as the earth turns and the daylight hours show the sun’s rays nearly every morning.”

        “That’s what I thought,” interrupted Cherie, forgetting that Tara’s part was not yet explained.

In Your Light        “So, how can we say that ‘Jesus is the Light of the world?’ “ Tara asked,  feeling a bit challenged.

        “No problem,” answered Rose.  “That’s what the Bible says.  Several places speak of Jesus as the Light.  He is the Light, or holiness, within us.  He came as Light into this world to free us from the darkness of sin.”

        “I don’t know anything from the Bible,” Cherie admitted.  “Guess I’ve missed out.”

        “It’s never too late to start,” Rose said as she opened her Bible to Jn. 8:12.  “Here’s the quote I wanted.  Jesus said, ‘I am the Light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’ “

        Now Tara’s mind was questioning. “ But, Rose, another verse says that Jesus said, ‘You are the light of the world.’   YOU!  What does that mean?”

        “Yeah”, added Cherie who was getting more interested.

        “That’s Matthew 5:14.  Jesus inspires us to let His light shine through us.  He doesn’t want us to hide the light because when others see his light in us they may be drawn to God also.  Reading the Bible verses by yourself will help you understand.  Reading them often will help you remember.”

        “You better come to CCD with me, Cherie.  It’s on Saturday mornings.” 

        “I’ll ask my mom.  This was fun learning.  Thanks a lot, Rose,” Cherie said just before she started singing ‘See See Dee’ again.  “I like those sounds.  Let’s make up a song, Tara”.     The song went like this:


I want to learn about Jesus.


He loves us so,

That’s what they say.

But I want to know,

So I will pray.

I want to know about Jesus.


This makes me so happy.





Can you make up a tune to these words?




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