Music for Love FlowsSister Margaret Sutton, RSM

        “Tara, I’ve been wondering about your best friend, the one you call Jesus,” Cherie said.  “My mother knows about him, too, but she never calls him ‘best friend’,” she added.

The kingdom is within you        “Well, I have a reason to call Him that.  I’m nine now, but when I was seven I made my first Holy Communion.  I’ll never forget that day.  Jesus is so real since then."

“What do you mean by…?  What did you call it?”

        My first Holy Communion.  Communion means ‘joining together’.  That’s what my teacher said.  And it was holy because Jesus is holy.  He came into my heart when I asked Him to.”

        “Can I do that?” asked Cherie?

        “Well, I had to go to classes so I could understand.  I had to ‘prepare’, my mother said.  See, you have to prepare your soul.”

        “What’s a soul?”

        “It’s your heart and mind.  You have to become real clean and pure so Jesus will want to come in.”

        “Were you afraid?”

        “Oh, no, because I’ve always prayed.  Mom used to read me holy stories, sometimes from the Bible.  Let’s look in my Picture Bible and read about Jesus having His Last Supper with the apostles.  That was their first Holy Communion:

        Jesus and his apostles were all around the table. Some were sitting on stools at the table, but a few of the twelve were stretched out resting on couches.  John was a close friend of Jesus, so he sat right next to Him.

        The supper was over before Jesus told them that He was going to suffer and die.  Their best friend was going to be crucified.  By the next afternoon Jesus would not be alive.  They just couldn’t really understand that. But they knew something was up and they were sad.

                        Jesus wanted to stay with them, but God the Father had promised to send Someone to make up for everybody’s sins.  Jesus was the One, and the time was to be the next day.

        So, after supper, Jesus changed bread into His Body.  Then He changed the wine into His Blood.  He told the apostles to eat and drink so they could come into His kingdom some day.  He said if they did, they would have Life, HIS LIFE, within them.

        They did take the bread and wine which were now His Body and Blood.  They passed It around for everybody.

        Jesus made them priests when He told them to do the same thing when they were with other Christians.  Jesus wanted them to remember Him.

        “Well, that’s a nice story but how could Jesus give us His body?  I sure don’t understand that,” asked Cherie.

        “It’s hard for me, too, but I know He’s real.  I believe in Him.  Guess that’s why He stays close to me when I pray.”

“Well, you can’t eat his body!”

Alive forevermore        “You’re right. So He gave bread that He changed into His Body and Blood.  (Every body that’s alive has blood in it.)  Jesus told us to eat it.  It’s just like a small, white, round piece of bread.  But it is the Body and Blood of Jesus because  He said it was.  And He is GOD.  I believe it.  He is so real to me.

        “I wish He was my friend,” Cherie said with feeling.

        “He wishes that, too.  He loves everybody.  He wants you for his friend.  In the Bible Jesus called the little children to Him.  He put his arms around them and blessed them.  He spent so much time with them once that his friends didn’t like it.  But Jesus didn’t leave.  He just said, ‘Let the little children come to me.’   I remember those words because that’s what it says on the picture on our bulletin board in my classroom.  Jesus likes children.”

        “I’m going to go and talk to Mom and see if she knows all this,” Cherie said. “We ought to pray at our house like you do.  Want to come with me and help me get things straight?”

        “Sure.  Then we will both know.  But maybe it would be better if you went by yourself…this is between you and your Mom.”

        “OK.  Sounds good, but I’ll tell you later.”  So, with joy in her heart and a desire in her soul, Cherie began to skip, hoping to get there faster.


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