Music for Mary to the RescueSister Margaret Sutton, RSM 

        It was very quiet.  You see people were waiting for Holy Mass to begin.  Soon all were impressed with the fact that our Blessed Mother was with us.

        Imagine you are experiencing the dream I had.  The place was in a large Catholic Church where lights were lit and all was ready for Mass to begin.  The building formed a cross, with the sanctuary at the center end and the two sides going outward to form the arms.  About one third the way up each of the side walls facing us was a balcony wide enough to hold an organ (left side), and statues of Mary and Joseph (right side).  Itís hard to imagine an organ and people on the wall!  But in dreams odd things happen.  An organist sat on the bench. A nervous man who had agreed to try leading the congregation in praise, stood beside her.

        Between them was a black pole the height of the room.  This was a real support for the choir leader.  He clung tightly to it at first.  I felt so sorry for him for itís not fun to be so afraid. 

        The procession began.  Organ music flooded the air. The frightened leader could hardly sing a note.  His throat seemed to tighten up.  People tried to take up the melody, helping him, but those who were off key made it a challenge untilÖ

Surprise of Surprises!

        The statues came to life!  Mary and Joseph looked at each other, Joseph nodded a yes to Mary, and they smiled at each other as if agreeing that this was the thing to do. The youthful Mary, as mothers do, came to the rescue.  She gracefully and softly took the one step down to the balcony, her full skirt gently swaying, and stood near its sturdy railing.

        With a smile on her face and one arm gracefully poised, she began to direct and lead us in song.  How exciting to see Mary leading us!  She sang from her heart as she praised her God.  The organ took on a new vibrancy.  Everyone seemed to be touched by the Spirit.

        The whole assembly noted the great difference and joined in harmony, for their hearts were touched with joy.  Even the choir director now sang with gusto and confidence.  All fear had gone.  The Spirit brought him peace.

        What are you doing?  Where do you think you are going?  rushed through my mind, as I noticed that I had left my pew and started to run toward Mary, my eyes fixed upon her glowing face.  Excitement had overtaken me.

        Sheepishly I returned to my seat and was content to join the praises Mary so joyously led. 

        It seemed that Heaven itself had joined us.  More correctly,

We had joined the Heavenly Choir who also had gathered for the Eucharistic celebration we were about to begin.


A Thought to Treasure:


        The angelic choirs do praise God in Heaven, and yes they really do gather in our sanctuary to sing Hosanna, Alleluia, and other praises each time Jesus offers Himself to the Father when the Holy Mass is celebrated.  And thatís not a dream.  Did you know that?

Hopefully the Mass will mean more to you now.  How about sharing this with your friends?   And donít forget to say ĎThank Youí to Jesus who offers Himself for us at every Mass.





May I hear from you?  It would bring me joy.

                             Sister Margaret          


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