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        “What do you mean, Tara, by getting ready for Confirmation’?  What’s that?” Cherie asked.

        “Well I guess I would say it’s when the Holy Spirit fills us with the power to become holy and faithful to God.  I hear that we receive many graces to help us.  That’s what I need, ‘cause sometimes I’m not too good.”

        “Yeah, when you threw that tomato at your brother.  It seemed funny but Joe sure got it in his face,” Cherie said, still laughing at the thought.

        “Well, Dad sure got after me when he heard about it.  That’s what I mean when I say I need help.   It’s not easy to be good all the time.”

        “Do you have to study a whole lot?

“Well, our teacher knows we don’t, so she writes out papers for us to learn from.  The last one was best of all, I think.  Want me to get it?”

“Sure.  Read it to me.”

        “It starts out with,  ‘Do you really love Jesus?’  See, it’s not like a book but like someone talking.  Here goes:”

  Jesus:   “Do you really love me?”

One of us:   “Lord, you know that I love you!”

Jesus:   “Yes, but do you really love me?”

These may be thoughts that go through your mind at times.  Perhaps it is because your heart wants more love,  True Love.  Love comes from God because HE IS LOVE itself.                                      

Jesus suffered and died on a cross to free us from sin and to offer heaven to us because he loves us.  He wants us to know how much he loves us. So, after he went home to be with God the Father, he sent the Holy Spirit to us.  The Holy Spirit is God, the third Person of the Blessed Trinity.

So, if Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to us, we want to receive him and all the holiness and gifts he brings. They are given when he baptizes us in the Holy Spirit.  This usually takes place some years after we are baptized in water.  We call this ‘The Sacrament of Confirmation’ because we are confirmed in our faith.  This means made stronger.  It prepares us to be faithful as we grow.

        Jesus told the apostles and disciples to wait and pray for the  ‘Promise of the Father’.  They did.  The Promise was given on Pentecost Sunday when they were confirmed in their faith.  They all remained faithful except Judas.


        “I don’t get it:  What ‘Promise?’” interrupted Cherie who really tried to understand everything.

        “Well, when Jesus said to wait for the Promise from the Father, he meant the Holy Spirit,” answered Tara.  “The Holy Spirit was the Promise.  No one who was gathered to pray together knew this either.  They probably wondered, too.”

        “The Holy Spirit is new to me,” said Cherie.  “But read some more.”

       They waited in prayer for nine days.  Then on the tenth day the Holy Spirit came upon each of them gathered in the upper room, the same place where  Jesus made the apostles priests.  He tells us that this gift of grace is for all of us.  We need to ask Jesus for it, for he is the one who baptizes us with the Holy Spirit.

        “So, that’s what you’re studying to do?” asked Cherie.

        “Yes, but I don’t know when.  Would you like to read the next part, Cherie?


        The Holy Spirit touches our hearts with love.  He gives us grace to be faithful to Jesus and to live a holy life.  Love guides us and fills us with joy, because we come to love the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit more. 

       Then joy leads us to tell our friends that God loves them also.  We share the happy feelings we have with our friends and soon they will desire to know and love God better.  Yes, Jesus calls each of us to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Everything I need         So, when you are confirmed it is like promising to always be faithful.  Jesus then renews your spirit by filling you with the Holy Spirit’s power to live your faith better, and to help your friends.


          “That’s what you’re doing, helping me” Cherie said.

        “Mom and Dad have been baptized in the Holy Spirit,” said Tara.  “They say it has made a big difference in their lives.  So, I want it, too.”

        ”Well, so do I someday.  Tara, I’m glad you’re my friend.  You’ve taught me so many things I needed to know.  Maybe, just maybe, my mom and dad will get interested as I am.  I think learning about God is fun.  But hearing about the Holy Spirit today was special.  I feel like GOD LOVES  MeCHERIE.                 

And you can say what Cherie said, but put your name in place of hers.      

God does love you.  That’s why he sent Jesus with a plan to bring us home some day.  Here goes:  GOD LOVES ME…_____________   


Dear boys and girls,

          Don’t be afraid to tell others about Jesus.  He will help you know what to say.  Invite others to share these stories.  E-mail them to your friends, because they might learn new truths. They also will grow closer to Jesus just like you are doing. 

         Jesus wants each of us to let others know that God loves them and wants all of us in heaven some day.  PLEASE teach others about Jesus.  If you don’t, who will?  Remember the Holy Spirit is still willing to help us.  Ask him to do it. You will be glad you did.

I would enjoy hearing what these stories meant to you.

                                               With Jesus’ love,

                                                                        Sister Margaret

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