Music for The Way GoesSister Margaret Sutton, RSM

        “Tara, you won’t believe this, but I went to church yesterday with mom and dad,” Cherie said in a moving way.  “I wanted them to come to your church, but mom said ‘Maybe next Sunday.’ “

        “I’m glad you went.  Did you like it?” asked Tara.

        “Yeah, but the sermon was too long.  And I don’t even remember what it was about.  I’m still glad we went, though.  I’m beginning to get interested in the Bible.  Mom said the Bible leads us to Jesus, and I think she’s right.”

        “I believe that, too, because Jesus is the Way.  The Bible teaches about the way, and then leads us to the Way.

        “Mom sometimes says that Jesus is the Good Shepherd and we’re like sheep who need him to guide us,” Tara continued.

        “I remember seeing a picture of Jesus carrying a lamb on his shoulders,” remarked Cherie, happy that she remembered.

        “Oh, I’ll bet that’s the one where a lamb left the flock and Jesus rescued him and brought him back”, said Tara.

        ‘’So, would you say that Jesus was showing the lamb the way?”

        “Yes, you could say that, but I think the lamb learned that he should stay close to Jesus because Jesus loved him and wanted to protect him.  That’s the way Jesus wants us to be.”

        “You know what, Tara?”  Mom said the very same thing the other day.  We were talking about Jesus being the Truth.  She said Jesus was the Way, the Truth, and our Life.  I’m really learning a lot, and you know what?  I’m beginning to get to know Jesus.  But I wish I knew him like you do.”

        “You will, Cherie.  In fact we are both learning and growing together.  Remember the first time you went to church with me and you didn’t like being in there?”    

        “Do I remember!  It was scary.  But I’m not afraid any more.  In fact I’d like to go back with you and pray.  I really believe what you told me about Jesus living in the Tabernacle.”

        “Good.  Maybe some day you will even receive Him in Holy Communion.” 

        “What did Father Tom talk about last Sunday?  Was it good?” asked Cherie.

        “He’s always good, but once in a while a little too hard to understand.  This time he talked about Jesus going back to heaven.  But before he left he told his apostles about his plans.  They didn’t want him to go, but Jesus said he needed to go so he could prepare a place for us to come to when we die.  He also said that if he didn’t go he couldn’t send the Holy Spirit to us.”

        “What’s that?”

        “Who’s that?  is correct, ‘cause the Holy Spirit is a Person, the third Person of the Blessed Trinity.  Oh, Cherie, I think we should play a while and talk about the Holy Trinity another time.  There’s so much to say about the Holy Trinity and I can’t really understand it all.

        “But I started to tell you that Jesus went to prepare a place for us.  The apostles were disturbed, but Jesus asked them to trust him.  And he promised them he would return to earth again.  It sounds exciting to me.  He had already taught them how to live; now he was saying that he was the Way and they would follow.

        “Like the lambs”, chimed in Cherie.  “And he wants us to live right, too, ‘cause Mom said that he sends angels to guide us on our way.” 

        “Yes, that’s our guardian angel.  We each have one.  Want to learn a prayer to your guardian angel?”



Angel of God, my guardian dear,

To whom God’s love commits me here,

Ever this day be at my side

To light, to guard, to rule, and guide.

        “After we play let’s write that down ‘cause I like that,” Cherie suggested.

        “O.K.  Look.  Here’s a magazine that came in the mail.  It has lots of nice things in it, “ said Tara.  “I’ll tell you what.  Maybe we can pick out a birthday present for me.  I’ll be ten next February.  Mom didn’t say I could do this but it will be fun to see if it works.”

        “By then I’ll be nine,” Tara and I’ll have my own Bible.  That’s going to be my birthday present.  Mom already said so.”

        “Look”.  “Wow, they repeated as pages turned.  Their minds were now on other concerns.

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