Session 2


Father, You are Love, Your are loving, and You are loveable.  I am so blessed to know You.  My prayer is to know You better.  I want to learn all about You and come to pray as Jesus did, calling You Abba.  Teach me to adore, praise, and worship You.  You are all-deserving of all my love.  Help me especially during this retreat, and later to carry out Your wishes day by day.  I look forward to Your answer to my prayer.

Spirit of the Living God, MELT Me

Praise and adoration through   SONG

Abba Father
The Lordís Prayer
I Love You, Lord
Change my heart, O Lord
What this world needs now is love, sweet love.
Lord, teach me to pray
Father, I place my trust in your hands
I have loved you with an everlasting love
Come Unto Me
Glory to the Father

Scripture References

Our Father is Love     1 Jn.4: 7-9,    Jn.3: 16
                               Just      Deut. 32: 4
                           Holy      Is. 6: 3a
                               Adonai   Eph.1: 3-6

                              Abba     Mk.14: 36;   Rom.8: 15

                              Mercy    Is.55: 6-8
                              Provider    Luke 12: 29-30
                              Father of Jesus      Jn.3: 16

THOUGHTS for Reflection and Prayer

          God is LOVE .  That is the definition of God.  Yes, He is loving and loveable, but this does not define who He is; God is Love Itself.  No person, act, desire, or thing can lessen or increase his love, for the All-loving, Eternal Love cannot change.  This GOD (LOVE)  invites and longs for our love in return. 

          Neither can any other attribute of his change.   He is eternal, Divine, omniscient, (all-knowing,) omnipresent, etc.  Therefore, as we come to know Him more fully we can rely on his reliability, which strengthens our confidence and peace.  Peace grows into trust.  When we have reached a trust that is real in our souls we therefore recognize that our faith and love deepen.  And peace flows like a river through our being.  Faith and love help us to trust; we grow in trust by trusting.

          Through peace our hearts come to know the truth of our salvation through Jesus His Son and even peace deepens.  As there  is no doubt within us we then reach forward through the Sacred Scriptures,  Holy Mass,  daily prayer,  and  doing Godís Will as it becomes known.  We experience His love by way of guidance, small happenings (sometimes thought of as coincidences), acts of love received or offered, opportunities for growth that come our way, and by the numerous favors He provides, noticed or unnoticed.  When we meditate on the tremendous love of God our Father our heart wants to sing.

          So, stop right here and go aheadÖsing out and give Him thanks and praise.  Remember the Psalms are a great help!  He rejoices in our presence.  Spend time with Him, knowing all we can do is love Him and give thanks in return.

          In the Spirit we come to Jesus.  Through Jesus we go to the Father.  Pray that you can discover a deep relationship with the Father.  His heart longs for yours.  Meditate on the power of his love as shown to the son who squandered his inheritance and then humbly returned to his father.  Far greater is Godís love for you; he wants to forgive you and draw you to himself.  Take some time and see how Jesus died for you so you can find a deep love for the Father who sent him.  We are so blessed!   

          Building a relationship with your Father is what he longs for.  He has adopted you into the Family through your baptism.  He calls you through the Holy Spirit to come to his Son Jesus; Jesus then leads you to the Father and a new depth of relationship begins.  Reread this paragraph and pray about it.                       

          Before closing, take some time seeing what you can do to further please God day by day.  This does not mean to make a list of things to do.  Perhaps it means to offer God a blank sheet of paper that you have signed; then allow Him to write out His Will for you as days go by.

           Pray to Him from your heart and soul!  End this session with praise to the Father and to the Son.


Session Three - The Holy Spiritís transforming power

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