Session 3


        Come, Holy Spirit, come and fill my heart with Your Divine Love.  Come and fill my mind with the knowledge You wish to impart to me.  I wish to be transformed into the person You wish me to be.  I depend upon Your work within my soul.  I choose to try to remain open to Your work within me.  May this retreat give honor and Glory to You, the Father, and the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Spirit of the Living God,  MOLD Me

SONGS to the Holy Spirit:

Come Holy Ghost, Creator Blessed.          ( Need to borrow a book from Church?
                                                                        This is also needed in Session 4.)
Spirit of the Living God fall afresh on me
Holy Spirit, You are Welcome
Sweep Over My Soul
Let It Breathe on Me
Spirit, We Praise You
Spirit, We Love You, we praise you,…
Come, Holy Spirit, I need you.

Sacred Scriptures:

Acts 1:  5, 8  
Acts 2:  1- 4  Jn.3:  5, 6
1 Co. 12:  3-11  Heb 9:  14
1 Jn.2:  20, 27   Ps. 51:  10
Ro. 15: 16 Ro. 14: 17
Ga. 5:  22,23 Jn. 16:  7-11
Acts 10:  43 1 Co. 13:  Chapter
Col. 3:  1-4,  12-15 JN.14:  16

THOUGHTS for Reflection and Prayer:

The Holy Spirit is our Sanctifier whose desire it is to make us holy.  He is The Promised One at Pentecost, The Giver of gifts, the third Person of the Blessed  Trinity whom Jesus says will baptize us in the Holy Trinity.  See Acts 1: 5 & 8.  It is He who wishes to bring the whole of mankind into the New Life that Jesus earned for us on Calvary.  He empowers souls in the Sacrament of Confirmation.  He gives gifts to be used for others and fruit of the Spirit to bless our own and others lives.

He is the Person who came to be with the Church and preserve it through all dangers and trials.  Jesus said, “…the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”                             

So many who know Jesus, truly do not know the Holy Spirit or the Father.  Once again:  In the Spirit we come to know Jesus, who then leads us to the Father.
It is also Jesus who baptizes us in the Holy Spirit.

Just what does that mean?  When our hearts are pure, desirous of becoming holy because we wish to surrender ourselves into the hands of God, and pray for this special empowering of the Holy Spirit, we then can experience a new beginning within ourselves The Spirit begins to work within in a special way according to our needs and desires.  It may be quickly noticeable, or come more slowly.  We will want to adore, worship, and praise God more fervently and frequently.  Through this deeper prayer we will grow in greater love of God and of others.  (This is so often the case when we grow with others, sharing the Scripture, hymns, etc. together.)

Pause here to consider the above and pray.  Call on the Holy Spirit.

          The Holy Spirit is the  mover in our spiritual growth as we surrender to Him and invite Him in.  The Spirit wants to direct us  day by day, to fill our whole being with Himself, and guide us in attracting other to recognize His beauty through us.  Have you ever been so beautifully impressed by an inner goodness in others that seems to glow and attract you to be holy?  The Holy Spirit glowing in us can be just as real.  In fact, surrendering and allowing Him to sanctify us can cause the same to happen.

Today is a preparation for tomorrow when we will renew our Baptism and Confirmation.  (Being baptized in the Holy Spirit is bringing our Confirmation to life to a greater degree.  We become more gifted in understanding and hopefully seriously prepare our soul to grow spiritually.)  As you examine your desire, your willingness to be purified, and the disposition of your soul, you will be preparing to ask Jesus to baptize you in the Holy Spirit.  If, after a good examination of conscience, the Spirit leads you to express your sorrow, consider the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Needs for tomorrow’s service: 

        A bowl of water; a blessed candle with holder, a match; a small towel; and the prayers to recite.  (The prayers will be printed on tomorrow’s page.)  If you have only an unblessed candle, use that.


Session Four - Renewal of Baptism and Confirmation

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