Session 4


        Dear Spirit of God, the Sacred Scriptures hold so many thoughts for me for meditation,…thoughts that hold Power for my soul.  The Bible is of Spirit and Truth. It leads me to a deeper relationship with the Father, Jesus, and You.  My heart longs to drink more deeply of your gifts and graces, for, with them I am rich enough.  Your word tells me I will never be thirsty again.  Yet I am thirsty still.  So I believe that when I receive the Holy Spirit in power that I will never be thirsty for the things I leave behind.  Please be with me through my decisions and prayers.

Spirit of the Living God…FILL Me

Praise and Worship in  SONG:

            Choose songs from the first three sessions.

         Psalms of Thanks and Praise
Psalms: 138 Psalm of Forgiveness 51
  147 Psalm of Worship 50

Scripture Passages:

Lk. 4: 1 Lk. 4:  18-19
Acts 2: 1-4 Eph 1:  15-23
Acts 10:  42-4 Acts 18:  8
1 Co.2:  10-16  Acts 8:  14-18
Acts 2:  1-4 Mk. 15:  16
Mt. 28:  19,20 Acts 8:  36 –39
Luke 11:  9­13 Rom. 5:  5
Acts 1: 4-5, 8  




Baptism and Confirmation can be received only once.  Therefore tonight we are renewing our promises and praying for a fuller use of the graces we received when we received these two sacraments. 

Tomorrow we will try to be more spiritually prepared to receive the Holy Eucharist by meditating on the beauty of that Sacrament.  It will also be the closing of the retreat.  Hopefully you will be able to attend a Mass.  If not, go as soon as you can and celebrate more fully in your spirit and in the Holy Spirit.

Praise God that we may receive the Holy Eucharist daily with the Mass.

After spending time in praising God and searching through some of the listed Scripture Readings, and praying through the Thoughts for Meditation given below you will first renew your Baptism, followed by the Confirmation renewal.



The story of Peter and Cornelius  (Acts 10) shows us the working of the Holy Spirit.  Cornelius and his household were prayerful people who worshiped God.  They had never been baptized, nor were they Jews, but God baptized them in the Holy Spirit anyway because their hearts were seeking Him in a greater way.  Read the story and then realize that the same is available to you.     Acrs:10: 

Just as this special family was blessed in the same way as the early Christians because their hearts were seeking more, all who are searching for a deeper love relationship with God will also be blessed. After reading about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit some people are afraid because they do not understand about the gifts.  No doubt they have never been taught about them.  Yet, they are in God’s Word (The Bible), and in faith we accept all, knowing that God will reveal more as we desire and pray to understand.  There is always a fear of the unknown.  However we can always conclude with asking the question

If we cannot believe God, whom can we believe?  The Holy Spirit has the answer.  We step out in Faith, asking for understanding and enlightenment, while at the sane time depending upon God with all our heart.  Faith grows, and peace takes over from our fear.  God has an individual plan for each person’s life.  We trust and learn His Love.

Are you ready now to answer sincerely?   from your HEART?

Do you renounce Satan and all wrongdoing?    I DO

Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that he died to free us from our sins, and that He rose to bring us to new life?  I DO

Will you follow Jesus as Lord over your life?   ( I WILL )


Lord Jesus Christ, I want to belong to you from now on.  I want to be freed from the dominion of darkness and the rule of Satan; I want to enter your kingdom and be part of your people.  I will turn away from all wrongdoing, and I will avoid everything that leads me to wrongdoing.  I ask you to forgive all the sins that I have committed.  I offer my life to you, and I promise to obey you as my Lord.  I ask you to accept my renewal of my Baptism and of my Confirmation.  By doing this, I believe that you will baptize me in the Holy Spirit, giving me the gifts and blessings that the Spirit offers.  These I ask of You through Your Name, your precious Blood, and the Sacred Word.  Amen

Now, place your hand into the bowl of water and say:     “I renew the Baptism I already received and pray to live it more fully,  in the name of the Father, and of Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Baptize me in your Holy Spirit.”

Make the sign of the cross as you draw your hand from the water.     (Use towel.)

Next:  Light the candle and and hold it as you sing or pray:

Come Holy Ghost, Creator blessed…all three verses.

Spend as much time as you can just being in God’s Holy Presence, taking in all He wishes to give you.  Don’t forget to give thanks and praise.

          Jesus, I believe You have answered my prayer.     I asked.  You answered.     I received.  Thank You. 

Now I believe and will trust more deeply in You.  I hope to discover your working within me each day because I have surrendered all to You.  I proclaim You Lord over my life.  Help me to share Your Love.


Session Five - The Holy Eucharist

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