Session 5




        O Jesus, it is You in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist who brings Life to my soul, day by day, if I so choose.  Nothing energizes me more than your Presence within me.  It satisfies and directs my life.  You are the God of Love who loves me beyond compare, and who seeks my Love in return.  Lord, I am not worthy to receive You and the blessings that You give.  Help me to approach the Altar with humility and an ardent desire each time I am privileged to receive You.  Of myself I can do nothing so I call upon You to have mercy upon me; I then pray from my heart, “Come, Lord Jesus.”


        It is SACRED LIVING when JESUS is PRESENT!



Spirit of the Living God   USE ME 


Eucharistic Hymns:


Come, Lord Jesus  (tune of 8-fold Alleluia)

O Jesus , I adore Thee   CHO:  O Sacrament most Holy, etc

O Lord, I am not worthy

Praise God      (repeat to the tune of Amazing Grace)


Scripture References:

Jn.3:  16

Jn.5:  21

1Cor.10:  16

1Cor.11:  23-26,  27-30

Jn.6:  35-40,  47-51,  53-58

Luke 22:  1,  14-20

1Cor.15:  20-21



THOUGHTS for Reflection and Prayer:


        The Holy Eucharist is the greatest of all Sacraments; it is Jesus Christ Himself- the source and completion of our Spiritual, Christian journey of life.  Therefore we need to be prepared in order to receive Communion worthily.  We should have:


REPENTANCE of sin—(Be reconciled with God),

Have FORGIVENESS of everyone in our heart, and

Hold LOVE of God and others sincerely.


          Following Baptism, Christ gifts us with Himself each time we assist at Holy Mass and receive the Sacred Host.  Faith, hope, and charity increase, growing within us.  A deeper knowledge of the sacrificial offering made by Jesus becomes more of a reality in time.  We realize that we are at Calvary, except that the manner of the offering Jesus makes is now an unbloody one.  We are united to His Eucharistic Sacrifice when we offer ourselves with Him to the Father.  At the close of the prayers, which follow the Consecration, we reply “AMEN” to verify our unity with Jesus’ offering when we unite in giving Honor and Glory to the Father forever and ever!


          In addition to the Sacrifice of Jesus there is also the aspect of a meal, for we are privileged to receive the flesh of the Son of Man,   (Jesus), and drink His blood.  Jesus said, “…for my flesh is true food and my blood true drink.”  (Jn. 6:  53.55)   It appears in the same form as it did at the Last Supper.  Yet, we receive the resurrected Christ  in the fullness of His Divinity and humanity.  He strengthens us spiritually, removes guilt of venial sins, lessens the temporal punishment due to sin, and increases Grace and virtue within us..


          The Communion between Jesus and the one who receives Him should give way to expressions of faith, hope, love, praise, and adoration; we worship the Lord of lords, the King of kings, our Divine and precious Savior.  We join with the angels and saints and worship with the heavenly choir as we join our hearts and prayers with them.  We have received the Greatest Treasure there is! 


          The following chorus is familiar and speaks from our heart in praise:


“O Sacrament most holy, O Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine”.   Repeat frequently.




Soul of Christ, be my sanctification.

Body of Christ, be my salvation.

Blood of Christ, fill all my veins.

Water from the side of Christ, wash out my stains.

Passion of Christ, my comfort be.

O, Good Jesus, listen to me.

Within your wounds I feign would hide.

Ne’er to be parted from your side.

Guard me when the foe assails me.

Call me when my life shall fail me.

Bid me come to Thee above,

With thy saints to sing thy love,

World without end.  Amen



Don’t forget to Thank God for Himself and His gifts, both for time and eternity.





Hopefully, this retreat has been spiritually uplifting .  May your future be brightened with Joy that comes from above.  (True and lasting JOY comes from living in the Presence of God.)


It would please me to hear from you,, offering ideas and/or whatever the Lord leads you to share.


In addition, it would please the Lord and me if you would tell others about the retreat.  Our world is so in need of a living Faith.  


God loves you!

Sister Margaret Sutton RSM

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