Thoughts About the Mysteries to Treasure:

There are ten thoughts, one for each Hail Mary.
If all five decades seem to be too long, just start with one.
Later you can add another, then another. It’s better to pray
well than to hurry through without really praying. Ask the
Holy Spirit to help you. You will grow to love Jesus and
Mary more. (If later you wish to change the lines before
each Hail Mary to be your own thoughts, you will be
really praying from your heart.) Jesus loves to receive and
answer your prayers.

The Joyful Mysteries
The Sorrowful Mysteries
The Luminous Mysteries
The Glorious Mysteries

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The Sorrowful Mysteries

The Agony of Jesus in the Garden

Jesus, You felt so alone through your sufferings.
Jesus, Satan tempted you to give up.
You sweat Blood through your struggles.
Jesus, I am sorry
Jesus, your disciples slept while you suffered.
Jesus, I often fail You by my sins.
I am sorry.
“Could you not watch one hour with me?” You asked.
Jesus, please teach me to pray.
Help me, Jesus, to be holy.

The scourging at the pillar

Oh, Jesus, how they humiliated You!
You were tied to a whipping post.
Your Precious Blood was shed through the beating.
You hurt so badly for the cruel beating.
Jesus, my heart goes out to You.
Help me to love You more and more.
Mary, your Mother suffered with you.
Mary, your heart was broken with pain.
Pray for me to have an understanding heart.
Jesus, help me to be holy.

Jesus is crowned with thorns

Jesus, You are the King of Heaven and earth
Here you were mocked and made fun of.
You were crowned with sharp thorns.
That must have hurt You so.
It hurts me to know You suffered.
Forgive me for my sins and failures.
No matter what, you suffered in silence.
Your heart went out to forgive your enemies.
Help me to always forgive those who hurt me.
Jesus, I want to be holy.

Jesus carries a heavy cross.

I watch you carry your heavy cross, Jesus.
I watch you fall under its weight.
Where are your friends now?
Simon is forced to help so you won’t die now.
Jesus, I can show my care by helping others.
Women cried when they saw such cruel treatment.
Veronica had courage to step out to dry your face.
Jesus’ and Mary’s eyes met. Oh, such pain!
Jesus, I am sorry You had to suffer so.
May I grow to be holy because of your death for me.

Our Savior is crucified.

Jesus, thank you for dying so we can go to Heaven.
I love You, Jesus.
It is so hard to see how much You had to suffer.
You wanted to redeem the world.
That was the way You Loved us.
You prayed for those who were causing your death.
“Father, forgive them,” You prayed.
Jesus, help me to forgive others who hurt me.
Jesus, help me love Mary, our Mother.
Mary, pray for me that I may be holy.


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