Love is Flowing like a River

Our lives are like rivers; they keep on flowing from their source, GOD, to the closing of our earthly time here.  We do not stop living after death for we live through all eternity, forever that is, without any end, with God.

The prophet Ezekiel takes us on a journey where water is flowing gently from the Jerusalem Temple where Godís Glory existed in the Holy of Holies.  Ezekiel 47:1-9,12.                                                             

This may remind us of our Baptism.  At that time the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit came to live within us.  We became children of God, and were given a promise of living forever with God, His angels, and with the saints.  This is because Jesus died for us to make it possible for all who have accepted Him.           

The gentle flow of water was only ankle deep. The flow became knee deep, then waist deep, until finally Ezekiel could not walk in it; he had to swim. Is our life like that? Yes, in different ways. Our life flows toward another day,  another year,  from babyhood to youth to  adulthood.  But more important than physical growth is becoming the person that God intends us to be.  Not to become the person that God wants us to be can be the greatest tragedy of our life. Godís grace is always there to help us grow spiritually. Seek His Presence and come to know more deeply the love God holds for each of us.  Then love Him in return.

          Would you like to share these Vitamins about growing in our Faith with your family or friends?  This time it would be about what you read above.  Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart.  We grow by listening to others and sharing with them.

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