Time Disappears


Time disappears, but it is not magic.  Our minds cannot grasp this reality:  When our earthly time ends we enter an eternal realm, so far beyond our understanding.

Let’s try to imagine eternity which never began and will never end; it is of God’s existence since God is eternal.  There is no time in heaven.  It is always “now”.  The Scripture tells us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  (See Heb. 13:8)

Imagine the largest ball of steel that you can, maybe as large as the largest planet.  Now stretch it in your imagination until it becomes even larger.  Now imagine a tiny bird that flies around the steel ball.  It may take a million years or more to do this, but when he reaches his starting place to touches the ball with his wing.  After trillions of years maybe a speck would be slightly worn down.  Yet, instead of wearing down, the whole ball gets larger with each touch.  It just keeps getting larger and larger, and larger.  WOW!

Neither can we grasp the idea of eternity, yet we believe that life with God will NEVER end.  Jesus, Himself said to the Father, ‘Eternal Life is this:  to know You, the one eternal God, and Him whom You sent, Jesus the Christ.’   John 17: 3

Wish to share ways of coming to know and love God better?  This is why we are on earth during “Time” which will disappear when each of us exchange it for Eternal Life!  Does your heart yearn to know and love Him more?  Speak to others about this but more often with God.

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