Faith an Action Verb

FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE, these three; but the greatest of these is love.  1 Cor. 13:13  Love needs to be returned to God, our Source of Love.  Love of God needs to include love of neighbor to be sincere and real.

Faith is a gift of God.  We donít deserve it.  We canít make it happen.  We may desire it and pray for it.  If God sees a heart that is sincerely sorry for his sins He offers the Gift of Faith to us.  He wishes to give faith more than we can desire it.  And what a great GIFT it is!  Reach out for it, believing in His Love.

Where else could we receive the power to believe, to overcome when we find it difficult, and to love when we donít feel like loving?  God, our Father, our ABBA as Jesus called Him as He prayed, is like a solid rock that we can always depend on in every need.

HOPE, rightfully understood is trust.  It is not just hoping to get what we asked for.  If it is that, itís like waiting for Santa Claus.  No, itís so much more. 

We believe the Word of God and place our trust in God who inspired the Word.  Believing and trusting go together.  We choose to trust because we believe.  So we act with our mind and our will.  Acting in this manner shows that we love God enough to trust Him. 

Hope, then is an active verb because we really trust God, not on our own but through the graces His Love gives.  Pray, trust, and prove your love.

          We will grow a little every time we ask the Holy Spirit to help us and act to please Our Father.  We are needy people aiming to become the person that God wants us to be.  Pursue love.  Itís worth it. 

          Faith and hope then are believing and acting with trust while performing all with love.  The love God has for us is always leading us to holiness.  Trust Him.


I trust you, Lord, for I have found
Your faithfulness neíer ends.
Your Daily Bread has strengthened me,
And weíve become true friends.


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