You have not Chosen Me…
   but I have chosen you

There comes a time in life when God leads Christians to confirm their faith in Him.  If baptized as an infant we had no say concerning faith.  So, as we mature we need to say our “yes” to God with the understanding we have received. 

We believe:

In God our Father
Jesus, God the Son, and
The Holy Spirit .

We renounce Satan, the father of lies, and all evil.
We choose to be faithful in loving and living God’s way, namely:

Keeping the Commandments which guide us to a holy life,
and the Commands of Jesus to love God, and others as ourselves.

This personal profession of faith pleases God so much that He holds us in the palm of His hand even if we at times break our promise to Him.  (If by any serious sin we separate ourselves from Him He still holds out graces for us to pray with sincere sorrow: Confession and our turning back to Him.)  We are then restored to Life in Him again.

God is Pure Love and will always welcome a sinner home.  It is we who are weak.  That’s why we need Him to teach us to pray and start again.  He has chosen us and He cannot fail to love us.  He says, “I have loved you with an everlasting love, and I am constant in my affection for you.”

Sinners, Come Home


O merciful Father,
Loving Son,
Spirit of Light, so true

 Reach out to your children-
Call from afar
To hearts that are weary and lost

Invite them to freedom,
To joy, and to love

Invite them to PENTECOST

Sister Margaret Sutton RSM

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