“Yes”, In Surrender’’ 

Mary’s response to Angel Gabriel was a definite “Yes”.  She knew her God, and lived according to his will for her.  She knew that to become the mother of the future Savior was an awesome, tremendous privilege and responsibility.  She also knew that other women knew the Scriptures and wondered if perhaps they would be chosen when the Redeemer would come.  Mary knew the Sacred Scriptures, but never expected to be the chosen one.  However, when the plan of God was presented to her, she did not hesitate to sincerely and humbly respond with her “Yes” by saying, “…let it be to me according to your word.” (Lk. 1: 38)  She consented to become the Mother of her God bringing Him, the Son of God,  Jesus, (Yeshua,) Savior, (Messiah), into the world). 

Mary is the greatest example for all people.  Her sincerity, humility, love, obedience  to God’s plan, and her quick response to the Angel is a guide for our lives.  Perhaps a discussion, after thought and prayer, might be valuable for our soul.  Perhaps our goal can be to imitate Mary in her eagerness to respond when we know what God expects of us.  Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance, daily.

The ending poem speaks of surrendering, as Mary did.


                        In Surrender   

Your love, O Lord, embraces me
                    more than my heart can hold;
                    Love’s rays expand beyond
                    the narrowness of my heart, and
                    so I pine for more.
             I search for more of Love’s radiance;
             I plead to live more deeply in love of you,
                   to allow your Glory to shine through me
                   causing a jealousy within others,
                   urging them to reach out to you. 

Then, together, may we stand in awe
                    discovering a refulgence that
                    draws us exultantly to you,
                    in surrender.

Praised by your HOLY NAME !


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