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Soul Vitamins

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Spread the News

                             Go forth and change the world
                                      Tell the Good News of Christ.
                             Speak of joy, of truth, of love
                                      Bread of Life from heavín above.
                             Go forth and spread the News.

                              Gladly share the Eucharist.
                                      Make Christ your first desire.
                             Visible will He become
                                      Recognized by everyone.
                             Then go forth and change the world.

                              Radiate the peace of Christ.
                                      Act His Gospel through your ways.
                             Communicate the Word of God
                                      As cheerfully the road you trod.
                             God be with you through your days.

                             Tell each one as you pass by
                                      His Presence you have found.
                             Christ invites all. He does care.
                                      The Spiritís love He longs to share.
                             Spread this Good News everywhere.



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