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                           Soloist #1
                                       DO you believe?
                             Soloist #2
                                       Do YOU believe?
                             Soloists #1 & 2
                                       Do you BELIEVE in miracles?
                   CHOIR: Do you believe in MIRACLES?

                             I’ve met the ONE who captures others with love to
                             make us grow.  He is the One who makes us brothers,
                             The One who makes a miracle of you!

                             He touches with His gracious love
                             Imparts His very Being
                             His Spirit descends and gently wins our souls;
                             His signs I’m seeing.     Refrain

                              I know that Jesus Christ is Lord
                             The Word of God is power.
                             He’ll see you through in all you do
                             Through bright or darkest hour.    

                             Today I heard the Gospel read.
                             Its truth now lights my soul.
                             The love I feel as now I kneel
                             Reflects the joy I know.     

                   Conclusion:  Oh, I believe…Oh, I believe… Yes,
                             I believe in Miracles!   
Note:  Alternate verses follow:


                             Today I heard a baby cry
                             I saw a baby smile
                             And as I played I thought and prayed
                             “Thank God for every child.”

                             I lingered when a young man called
                             I heard his heart-felt plea
                             He called upon the Son of God
                             And Lo! His soul is free!

                             I watched the aged grope alone.
                             It tore my anguished soul
                             ‘til it was shared that Someone cared.
                             Their lives are now made whole.


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