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                   Seeds must dye and babies cry.
                             They need love like you and I.
                   We need to care.  We need to share.
                             Oh, God, list to our fervent prayer.

                   We look to the future, we seek for the way,
                    And beg of the Spirit His guidance
                   Today to carry the message wherever we can:
Love Godís people.
Bring God to man.

                   Our brother calls, calls us by name. 
                             Pleads for concern, for relief from his pain.
                   He sees with regret that our lot is sublime.
                     He questions and wonders: Why canít this be mine?

                   Our brother seeks, but yet in vain.
                             Yearns for answers but questions remain.
                   Oh, God, let us care. Oh, God, let us share.
                             He looks to the future.  He dies in despair.

                   People search and people try
                             To find themselves and wonder why-
                   We often fail and our love still delay.
                             Oh, God, letís live tomorrow today!                                                                                      Refrain


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