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                   I long to give hope to my people,
                             My people who stray far from trusting ways.
                   I long to share hope with the whole of mankind,
                             Imparting my peace today.

                   Come to the Father,
                   Come through the Son,
                   Come in the Spirit anew.
                   Receive in the Eucharist the Lord who gives life,
                   The Lord who brings  (hope…faith…love)  to you.

                   I long to give faith to my people,
                             A covenant of faith in the living God.
                   Believing in me and in all of mankind
                             Receiving truth through the Word.

                    I long to bring love to my people
                             My Gospel of love; it is ever new.
                   I long to share love with the whole of mankind,
                             Entrusting this love to you.


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