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Music for Truth KnowsSister Margaret Sutton, RSM

        “Mom, I sure wish I knew about Jesus the way Tara does,” Cherie said at a time she thought her mother would listen.

        “That’s good, Cherie.  You have also been touching my heart with the things you have shared lately.”

        “Well, Mom, how come you and Dad don’t go to church and take me with you?  Other kids go.”

        “That’s a good question, Cherie.  I guess we just put other things first.  There’s no real reason.”

        “Well, I’d like to go with Tara next Sunday.  She’s been telling me about the Bible and some of the stories.  She says Father Tom explains them so that even kids can understand.

        “She says that the whole Bible tells about Jesus and that it leads people to Jesus who is the WORD.  That puzzles me.  Every book has words in it.  Words are in the Bible, but Tara says Jesus is THE WORD, and the Bible leads us to the WORD.  So the Bible leads us to Jesus!”  Then getting excited, Cherie asked,

        “Mom, will you get me a Bible?”

        “How about for your Birthday?”

        “Great idea, ‘cause that’s coming next month.  But, Mom, I didn’t understand what Tara meant when she said that Jesus was the Word.  She doesn’t just mean his name as a word, does she?”

        “No.  John’s Gospel says that  ‘the Word was made flesh.’  That tells us that Jesus was born as a human baby.  Yet he was God at the same time.  When Jesus grew up and was teaching, he said that the Bible spoke bout Him. He said that even though people would read the Bible, they still couldn’t find life unless they were willing to believe in Him since He is the Word that the Father wants us to receive.”

        “Cherie, I know this,” Cherie’s mother continued,” yet I haven’t really received Jesus as I know I should.  I doubt that Dad has either.”

        “This sounds like what Tara said, that the Bible leads people to Jesus.  I wish I knew Jesus like Tara does,” Cherie voiced again.

        “The Bible also says that a little child shall lead them,” Cherie’s mother said.  “It seems that Tara is doing just that for our family.  Let’s talk to Dad tonight.  It’s time we find new life.”

        “O.K., Mom, but I’ll bet he will just turn us off.  What did you mean when you just said, ‘finding new life?’  We’re already alive.”

        “Cherie, you’re making me do more thinking about Jesus than I’ve done for a long time, but you know what?  I’m really glad. 

        “Jesus said, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life’, continued Cherie’s mother.  We have just been speaking about Him as the Truth because the Word is Truth.  When we believe in Him He offers us eternal life.  When we first receive Him into our hearts He forgives us all our sins and our new life of peace begins.  He lives in our hearts.”

        “I can’t wait to tell Tara about how much you know,” Cherie said.  “And I’ve learned a lot: That Jesus who is the Truth is the Word, and the words of the Bible lead us to Jesus, the Word, and what He said is true because He is the TRUTH.”

        “That’s well said, Cherie.  We spoke of the Word, who is the TRUTH and also the LIFE, but there’s one other name Jesus used in the quote.  It is that Jesus is the WAY.  Sometime we can talk about that, too.

        “Mom, can I go with you to pick up my present?  That would be fun.”

 “Of course since this is so special.  We can go on Saturday. And maybe we should plan on Church for Sunday.”

        “Hope Dad comes home early, ‘cause I want to see what he thinks,” said  Cherie who was feeling happy and free. 

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