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 Three Young Men Said, "NO"
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Adapted from the Book of Daniel:3

Music for Three Young MenSister Margaret Sutton RSM


                   A selfish king lived long ago,

                      Ruling a large land in the East.

                          Many people lived on the Land.


                   He thought he was a great king.

                       His people thought so, too.

                           He had a statue made like him.


                    “People can worship it,” the king said,

                        “And they will worship me!”

                              Most people did.


                   But three young men said, “NO!        

                       We will not worship you.

                             We only worship God.”   


                   “Heat the furnace,” the angry king called,

                       “Make flames of fire blaze,

                              Then throw these bad men in.” 


                  The friends of God were bound with ropes.

                        They saw the flames rise high,

                             Yet they were not afraid.


                   The three were thrown into the flames,

                        But a fourth man was seen there, too.

                              He had come to protect them.


                   The flames did not hurt the three.

                        No one was burned.

                              They felt like dancing


                    They sang to praise God.                

                          They kept on singing:

                               “All creation, praise the Lord.”


  Skies above,             praise the Lord.

Angels of the Lord     bless Him.

  Sun and moon,         praise the Lord,

Stars of heaven,        bless Him.

  Rain and rainbows     praise the Lord,

Snow-white winters,   bless Him.

  Light and darkness,   praise the Lord,

Mountains and hills,   bless Him.

  Lakes and rivers,       praise the Lord,

Birds of the air,         bless Him.


                    The king could see them leap and dance.

                          He saw their clothes that did not burn,

                               Even in high, high flames.


                    “Did not three men fall into the fire?

                           I see four!” the scared king called.

                                “Get them out!” he yelled aloud.


                    He called them by name.

                         “Servants of the Most High God,

                                Come out!  Come out!” he begged.


                    And out they came,

                         Out of the flames of fire.

                                Out to be free again.


                    Cheers were heard.

                         They were happy and safe.

                               Not one was burned.


                    “Blessed be THEIR God!” the king said,

                        “ He sent His angel to watch over them.

                               They put their TRUST in God.”


                    “Give thanks to the Lord,”

                          The three men prayed.                 

                                “Praise the Lord forever!”





Jesus, I Trust In You

May I hear from you?  It would bring me joy.

                             Sister Margaret                     

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